Moroni 8:24-26

Bear testimony: Give each person the opportunity to share their feelings about their own baptism or the baptism of someone they know. Have those children who are not yet baptized share how they feel about being baptized. It is possible a child may express the feeling that she doesn't want to be baptized. Remember that the whole purpose for waiting until 8 years old is that we have the ability to decide for ourselves. Don't try to force it on the child. Find out exactly why she doesn't want to be baptized by asking questions. Chances are she just has a misunderstanding about baptism. It may be something simple like she is afraid of the water. Have her confirm that you understand her concern by asking something like, "So you don't want to be baptized because you might drown?" Treat her concern seriously. Then by demonstrating the ordinance of baptism, even showing her the font if possible, you can help to alleviate her fears.

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