Mosiah 7:1-7 Ammon Seeks Land of Nephi

Activity: Allow the kids to act out these verses as you or someone else who is a good reader narrates by reading the verses.


  1. Ammon
  2. Members of Ammon's company
  3. King Mosiah
  4. King of the Land of Nephi (we find out his name next time)
  5. Guards of the Land of Nephi
Find things around the house that will allow them to have a little costume and make the play more authentic. You might put a robe on the king and give Ammon and the members of his company a map, a compass, a backpack, or some other camping gear. They can use a blanket to pitch a tent. Unless you have a very large family, your kids will have to play more than 1 part. More fun for them, right?

What will happen to Ammon and his company? Will they escape? Will they be cast into a den of wild beasts? Tune in next time for another exciting installment of Ammon's adventures!

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