Mosiah 4:1-3 Remission of Sins

Discuss these questions:

  • In your own words, what was it the Nephites said after hearing King Benjamin?
  • If you hurt someone when you do something wrong, what should you do for that person?
  • Some things you can't pay back, restore, or fix. But many things you can. What things can you do to fix what you've done wrong (give a toy back, clean up the crayon on the wall, help the other person to feel happy again, etc) ?
  • What can you do so that you won't make the wrong choice again (each day pray for help not to do it, write it down and look at it each morning, do lots of good things so that I won't have time to do bad things, etc) ?
Have each person think about these questions as you ask them. Don't answer out loud:
  • Why was what I did wrong?
  • If I hurt someone, did I tell them I was sorry?
  • Did I repay or restore what was lost? If not, how will I do that?
  • Have I done something to help me remember not to do it again?
  • Did I ask Heavenly Father for forgiveness?
If the answer to any of these was no, do it now. Help your kids to learn the process of repentance by actually doing it. Take a few minutes of quiet personal time for each family member to ask forgiveness, pray, make restitution,etc.

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