Testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith - Section 3 - The Gold Plates

This section starts with "I shortly after arose from my bed..." to "conducted in the last days."

Again, act out the events of the Testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith. You may want to switch roles. You'll need someone be Joseph, someone to be the angel, someone to be Joseph Smith father, Joseph Smith Sr, and 1 or more family members to narrate or read everything other than the angel's parts."

Why did Joseph collapse? Why do you think the angel wanted him to go tell his father? Would you believe your 14 year-old son or relative if he told you a story like this? Why do you think Joseph's father believed him? What do you think was written on the plates? What was a "Urim and Thumim"? What was the urim and thumim for? What was a breastplate? What was it for? Why did the angel forbid him from removing the items?

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