Mosiah 13:21-24 Ten Commandments (5-10)

Finish writing your list of the ten commandments today. Did you get all ten? If not, go back and find any that you missed in verses 12-24 and chapter 12 verses 35-36. One of the commandments is repeated in both chapters.

Why did the Lord say "Thou shalt not kill," rather than "Thou shalt not murder," or "Thou shalt not kill other human beings?" Did He intend this commandment to refer only to killing other people? Or could it include other living things as well?

What does it mean to bear false witness? Why do you think he didn't just say "Thou shalt not lie?" Why is it important to be honest? What happens when you lie? How do other people feel about you when you lie?

What does covet mean? Why is this bad? Can you be happy if you are always wanting what someone else has? Is coveting a sign of pride? What is pride?

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