Mosiah 3:5-11

Activity: Pictionary. Let each person take turns drawing these miracles of the Savior, while everyone else guesses. You can divide into teams and keep score, or just work together.

  • healing the sick
  • raising the dead
  • causing the lame to walk
  • the blind to receive their sight
  • the deaf to hear
  • curing all manner of diseases
  • he shall cast out devils, or the evil spirits
  • they..shall scourge him
  • they..shall crucify him
  • And he shall rise the third day from the dead


  1. Last night we tried this. The kids really enjoyed it. It wasn't the competion, but the acting that they really enjoyed. And I think it helped these verses to sink in a little more. We didn't have time to read all 7 verses. But that's ok.

  2. We tried this again tonight. The kids were extremely hyperactive this evening and I thought we were in for an evening of screaming and weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. Instead, we all had a lovely time. We didn't compete - the kids are too young to understand competition - but they all drew a picture of a different miracle. Since it was late, and there was much explaining we had to do to help them understand, we only did verse 5. But I was surprised how much they had calmed down by the time we were done, and just in time for bed!