Ether 13-15 (chapter headings) Jaredite Battles

Activity: Remember the "bucket of soldiers" from the movie Toy Story? The green army men? If you have some of them, they will be great for the next few chapters. You might think this activity is only for the boys, using toys that are stereotypically for boys. But you might be surprised how much fun the girls can have too. If you don't have any of the soldier toys, just have the kids get any toys. As you read these chapters, have the kids pick out the toys that will represent people from the book -
"This is Coriantumr."
"Here is Shared and his army."
"Here's Ether hiding out in the cave way over here."
As you read the chapters, ask the kids to listen carefully so that they can reenact the verses with the toys. But help them to understand that what you're reading was real - "Was Shiz a real person?" Be sure to have discussion as you read (and play). The following posts contain some good discussion questions.

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