Ether 10:31-34, Ether 11:1-7 Com

Activity: Play "Flee to Com". You will need a good-size playing area outdoors, or a large room. Choose 1 or 2 people to be "the people" and 1 person to be Com. Com should stand at 1 end of the playing area, and everyone else (the prophets) should line up at the other end. "The people" should start in between. When Com gives the command, "Come to me, I will protect you", then the prophets must cross the playing field and get to Com before they get caught by "the people". The 1st person to make it to Com without getting caught becomes the next Com. If everyone is caught, the person who caught the most prophets is the next Com. The first 1 or 2 of "the prophets" who get caught become "the people". Everyone else becomes "the prophets". Play this 3 or 4 times. But remember that the secret to keeping everyone excited about scripture time is to play enough times for everyone to figure out how to play, but stop while everyone is still excited about playing, BEFORE interest starts to fade. The 1st time and maybe the 2nd time everyone is still figuring out how to play. The 3rd and 4th time everyone will play with excitement. After that, the excitement will slowly start to fade. So stop at that point to keep that excitement level up for next time!

Discussion: Who was Com? What happened to the people because they tried to kill the prophets and did not repent? When we choose to follow the prophet, who are we really following?

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