Ether 2:18,25, Ether 3:1,4,6 Lighting the Barges

What was the Brother of Jared's problem? What did he do first to solve the problem? What did the Lord tell him? Does the Lord always give us the answers to our problems? Why not?

Activity: Make a list of the steps the Brother of Jared went through to solve his problem. Note where the Lord helped the Brother of Jared, and where He told him to figure it out on his own. Have each person name a problem that they are dealing with. Following the pattern of the Brother of Jared, list the steps to solve the problem.

You may want to spread this process over several days. Take a day to list the steps to solve a problem for each person in the family. Then take another day to follow up to discuss how each person is progressing on his individual problem.

Testify that the Lord helps us if we ask, but He expects us to do what we can on our own.

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