Ether 2:16-23 Building the barges

Activity for the kids: What do you think the Jaredite barges looked like? Draw a picture. Remember that they are small and light. They are tight like a dish and peaked at the ends. What does that mean? You decide. But they are big enough to allow livestock on board. Also remember the holes for air. And don't forget that they had some mechanism for steering (verse 19).

Discussion for big people: Why do you think the Lord gave the Brother of Jared specific instructions about air for breathing, but asked the Brother of Jared to come up with a solution himself for the lighting problem? Who designed the barges? Could the holes for fresh air be part of the design of the barge, while the lighting was not? Why do you think they needed light INSIDE the barges to steer (verse 19)? Why do you think the Brother of Jared already had experience building barges (verse 16)?

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