Ether 1:33-43 Jaredite Language Preserved

For the little ones: Draw a picture of what you think the Tower of Babel looked like. Why did the Lord confuse people's language? Why was it bad to build a tower? Would it be hard to play with your brothers and sisters if you all spoke different languages? Why did the Lord not confuse the language of Jared and his family?

For the big kids: Find a foreign language book or web site (if you click on "Ether 1:33-43 Jaredite Language Preserved" above, it will take you to Ether 1 - in the upper right-hand corner you can change the language). Have someone try to read a little bit of the text. Then have everyone try to interpret what it means. Was that an effective way for the Lord to discipline the people? Why was it bad that they were building a tower? Were all of the people at that time bad? Why do you think Jared always asked his brother to go pray? Why didn't he do it himself? Was Jared wicked?

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