Mormon 2:1-9 Mormon Leads Nephites to War

Activity: This activity could take several hours. If you have the game Risk, give your children the chance to lead armies like Mormon in a game of Risk. Read these verses as you play a round of the game. If you don't want to play a full game, determine that you will end after a certain number of turns, like 4 or 5. Whoever controls the most land after those turns is the winner. You could also play the game in a location where you can leave it out for several days and take several days to complete the game. If you don't have Risk, get out some cards and play "War". If you're not a game player, just have the kids draw a picture of young Mormon ready for war with sword and shield.
Discussion: How does the game relate to these verses? Does fortifying help in Risk? Why didn't it help the Nephites? Does it help to have a strong leader like Mormon or a good strategy if the Lord is not with you?

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