Mosiah 24:3-7 Lamanites Began to Increase in Riches

Why would the Lord bless the Lamanites in spite of the fact that they did not worship Him?

Cross reference D&C 130:20-21. What do these D&C verses have to do with the Lamanites prospering? Just because they were prospering does not mean they were blessed by the Lord. But we don't know that they weren't either. According to D&C 130:21, can we be blessed for being obedient to one law, while disobeying another? Why? Would it be possible for anyone to receive blessings if we had to be obedient to all laws to receive them?

Why was the language of Nephi taught among the Lamanites? Didn't they speak the same language? Didn't Nephi speak the same language as Laman and Lemuel? Is this verse referring to written language or to spoken language? How many years have passed since the Nephites and Lamanites crossed the ocean? Is it possible that the language could have changed in that time?

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