Mosiah 28:11-20 Mosiah Translates the Records

Do your own "translating". Choose a word or short phrase from these verses. Scramble the letters or create a code (every letter off 1 - A=B, B=C, C=D, etc). Have other family members work together to figure it out. If you have some more time, or if they really enjoy this activity during tomorrow's study, allow family members to make up the secret code by substituting letters or scramble letters and write a message from the Book of Mormon so other family members can decipher the code and translate the message together.

Those who can't yet read can draw a picture and let everyone try to guess what it is. Just for fun, you could do your writing/drawing on aluminum foil to simulate metal plates.

What record did Mosiah translate? Who else in the scriptures used these seer stones? (see JS-H)

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