Mosiah 29:37-44 Thus Commenced the Reign of the Judges

Hold a "mock trial". Pick an item of contention from today. If your family is anything like mine, this shouldn't be difficult. Somebody took someone's toy. Someone didn't get their homework done when they were supposed to. Someone hit someone else, etc.

Choose a judge, witnesses, and a defendant. Older children or adults who can present the case well can act as prosecuting and defense attorneys. Take 5-10 minutes to present the case, question the witnesses, and have the judge make a decision. If found guilty, the defendant could be "sentenced" to do something fun like fix a treat for everyone or put the scriptures away. But don't require him or her to do anything difficult or embarrassing. Then discuss the experience.

Was the judge fair? Why or why not? What happens if anyone in the court is dishonest? In a court system, what can a defendant do if he doesn't like the ruling? What does it mean to appeal? Why are judges more fair than a king?

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