Helaman 8:27, 9:1-10 We Will Know...Whether this Man be a Prophet

Act out these verses as you read. Start with the murder of the chief judge which Nephi prophesies about in Hel 8:27. A part of the fun will be allowing the kids to make or find their own costume. You will need someone to play the parts of:

  • Seezorum, chief judge. Read v9. Suggested costume: a crown, a sceptre, and a robe.
  • Seantum, murderer. Read v7. Suggested costume: a toy weapon (make sure it's not dangerous).
  • The 5 accused. Read v2,10. Suggested costume: Nephite clothing: robe, headband, etc.
  • Servants. Read v1,3-4. Suggested costume: Nephite clothing: robe, headband, etc.
  • The people. Read v5-6,8, Hel 8:27. Suggested costume: Nephite clothing: robe, headband, etc.
Fill in the parts as the size of your family allows. The 5 accused, the servants, and the people will probably actually have to be represented by 1 or 2 members of your family. Family members could play more than 1 part if they wish.

The suggested readings are organized so that when family members are not acting they will be reading (narrating) to keep everyone busy. There are 2 verses, v2 & 7, that are speaking parts. These 2 verses are to be read by the respective actors if possible. Adjust according to your family's readers and non-readers.

Did the 5 accused who were at the garden of Nephi actually commit the murder? Do you think they will be acquitted (set free)? What do you think they will say?

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