3 Ne 1:4-16 A Day Set Apart by the Unbelievers

Have each person draw a different event described in these verses: (make hand/finger puppets?)

  1. There begin to be greater signs and greater miracles (v4)
  2. The unbelievers rejoice and say the time is past. They set a day to put the believers to death (v5-7,9)
  3. Nephi is sorrowful and prays for the people (v10-12)
  4. The Lord answers that he comes tomorrow (v12-14)
  5. The sign is given; there is no darkness for a night (v15)
  6. Many unbelievers fell to the earth (v16)
Then have someone tell the story using the pictures.

1 comment:

  1. The kids had a grand time drawing these events as we read these verses today. I read as they drew. It helped to give them some background before we read this in Japanese.

    The Japanese word for world is "yo". So when I read the verse that says "On the morrow come I into the world," the kids drew a picture of Jesus descending from heaven with a little word bubble to the side showing the Savior saying "Yo!" And why shouldn't He be cool?