3 Nephi 3:12-25 Cry unto the Lord for Strength

Why were the Nephites able to defeat the Gadianton Robbers?

Let the kids built a fortification with chairs, sheets, whatever they can find. Make sure the walls are taller than the children. Make the fort as wide as possible with the space and materials available. Put a couple of chairs in the middle of the 'fort'. Have one or two of the kids wad up some newspaper or scratch paper. After they finish building, divide up so that half are Nephitas and half are robbers. The Nephites should take half of the ammunition (wadded paper) into the fort. The robbers should remain outside. The Nephites can stand on the chairs inside the 'fort'. The robbers should stand on the ground/floor. Battle by throwing the wadded paper for 1-2 minutes. Don't go any longer than 2 minutes. Then switch - the Nephites can be the robbers and the robbers become the Nephites. Battle again - not more than 2 minutes.

Was it better to be in the fort or outside? Why or why not? Thanks to the inspiration of Lachoneus and Gidgiddonhi, the Nephites had an advantage in position. But that was not the reason they were strong. What made them strong (see v12 and 25)?

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