3 Nephi 14:6-11 Seek and ye shall find

What does it mean to "cast your pearls before swine?" How did Jesus exemplify this? Think about how he spoke to the Jewish leaders and Pilate. Then think about how he spoke to the multitudes who came to hear Him. What is the difference? You may want to read some of those passages to see the difference: John 18:19-24, 33-37. How are the Savior's words, tone, and attitude different between John 18 where he is speaking to the Jewish high priests and Pilate and 3 Nephi 14, where he is speaking to the people. How does that relate to Jesus' advice not to "cast your pearls before swine?"

What are we supposed to do? Does it mean we shouldn't share the gospel with those who don't have it? Why/why not? Do you think the Savior would refer to people as "swine" just because they don't have the gospel? Why/why not? Who then, is He calling "swine"?

How can the Savior promise that everyone who asks will receive, everyone that seeks will find, and everyone that knocks will have it opened? Is He talking about asking your neighbor for lots of money? Is He talking about seeking riches? What is He talking about asking, seeking, and knocking?

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