Moroni 4-5

Activity: Have younger children try to figure out where they've heard these words before as you read.
Activity: Give each person 1 minute to draw a picture of one of the covenants renewed by taking the sacrament.
Memorize: Commit Moroni 4:3 to memory (for school-age children - younger children might enjoy repeating the verses and other memorization exercises, but expecting them to learn the verse word-for-word may be too much).
Memorize: Commit Moroni 5:2 to memory. Aside from the obvious differences of bread vs wine and body vs blood, what is different between the two sacrament prayers?
Search: When and where was the sacrament first administered? Who administered it?
Search: Where was the sacrament first administered in the Americas? Who administered it?
Search: Where else in the scriptures can we find the sacrament prayers?
Search: Why do we use water instead of wine? Where in the scriptures are we told that that is ok?

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