Ether 7 - Shule

Search: This chapter is a great study in the classic struggle of good vs evil. Have the older children and adults search the chapter for the answers. Have one person write them down as they find them. I have listed the verses where the answers can be found. Read only these verses for the younger children, and have them pick out the answers to the questions.
There were 4 kings that were righteous - or at least not rebellious. What happened to them?

Orihah (v1) - executed righteous judgment all his days which were many
Kib (v9) - restored to the throne after many years in captivity by his son Shule
Shule (v27) - executed judgment against those who reviled the prophets; saw peace in his reign
Corihor (v13) - repented of evils he had done and was given power by Shule
Nimrod (v22) - surrendered his father Cohor's kingdom to Shule; was bestowed great favors by

Corihor (v4) - lost battle and kingdom to Shule
Noah (v18) - captured Shule; killed by sons of Shule
Cohor (v22) - was killed by Shule

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