Ether 6:23, 7:1-5 - Kings and Captivity

Search: Find out if the brother of Jared's prediction came true. Read ahead a little in chapter 7 to find out. If you have little ones who aren't good readers yet, help them to search. Read a couple of verses in Ether 7:1-5 (include v5 because that's where the answer is) and see if they can pick out themselves whether or not the prediction came true. If you read all verses 1-5, it will make it more difficult for the little ones to find the answer, and they may lose interest before you get to the answer. Within v1-5, pick only 1 or 2 verses to read before you read v5. After you read each verse, ask them these questions: What was the Brother of Jared's prediction? Does this verse tell us whether or not it came true?

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