Mosiah 18:11-18 Baptism of Alma and Helam

Cross-reference: 5th Article of Faith. "A man must be called of the laying on of hands." It is not recorded how Alma received his authority. But it clearly states in both verse 13 and verse 18 that he had authority from God. How do you think Alma received his authority?

There are several explanations - an angel ordained him (like Joseph Smith), or he found Abinadi after he ran away from the court of King Noah, or perhaps he found the Land of Zarahemla and received authority from someone there. The fact of the matter is that it is not stated in the Book of Mormon, so we don't know. This is an opportunity to explain to your children that it's alright not have an answer to every question. We only need to know the Gospel basics to be saved.

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