Mosiah 19:4,8,16-17 Gideon vs Noah vs Limhi

Search: Before telling everyone which verses you will read, have each person "search the scriptures". Chapter 19 contains verses that give us insight into the personalities of Gideon, Noah, and Limhi. See if your kids can find them. If your kids have a hard time finding them, the verses are listed above.

Make 3 columns on a whiteboard or piece of paper to compare and contrast these 3 men. In each column list their qualities as described in chapter 19. Which of the men exhibit Christlike qualities? What are their Christlike qualities? Which of the men do you want to strive to be like? Why?

Now list the differences between the 3 men. Which of the men are you most like? Did you note the contrast between Limhi and Gideon? Limhi knew that his father was not a good guy, but didn't try to do anything about it as far as we know. Gideon wanted to kill King Noah. Obviously the people of Limhi had big problems (heavy taxes, Lamanite opression, etc). Can you think of anything else (besides killing the king) that they could have done to fix the problems?

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