Escape the Lamanites Game

Choose 1 person to be the Lamanite guard. Everyone else is a Lamanite prisoner. The Lamanite prisoners should line up on one side of the playing area and attempt to "escape" to safety on the other side. If any of the Nephites get tagged, she becomes a Lamanite and must try to tag others.

When Limhi's people escaped from the Lamanites, they got the guards all drunk first so the escape was easy. If your Lamanite guard is an older child or an adult, you can tie her feet together so she has to hop or you can blindfold her.

Once all of the Nephites have either made it safely to the other side or been tagged, they should attempt to "escape" again back to where they started. Keep playing until everyone has been tagged. The last person to be tagged is the new Lamanite guard. Only play 2 or 3 times in one day to keep the game from getting old.

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