Stealth (Red Light, Green Light)

This is the well-known game Red Light, Green Light with one small variation. Choose someone to be "it". This person should sit on a chair facing the wall at one side of the room. Everyone else should line up at the wall on the other side of the room. The object is to be the first person to reach the person who is it without being detected.

In normal Red Light, Green Light play, the players can only move when the player who is "it" turns away from everyone else and says "Green Light". When the player who is "it" turns back to face everyone else and says "Red Light", if she spots anyone who is moving, that person goes back to the starting line.

In our variation, "it" never turns around to face everyone. Instead of moving on "green light", players may move when "it" is snoring, indicating "it" is asleep. When "it" stops snoring (but does not turn around to face everyone), the players must stop. The players should judge themselves and each other. If any player continues moving after "it" wakes up (stops snoring), that player should return to the start line. Choose one of the older players to be the "chief judge" to settle any disputes and avoid any argument.

The first person to reach "it" becomes the new "it" and everyone should start over. Play 2 or 3 times.

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