Gadianton Hide and Seek

The Nephites became increasingly wicked by supporting the Gadianton robbers and building them up. Some Nephites joined the Gadianton robbers. Meanwhile the Lamanites actively sought out and destroyed the Gadianton robbers from among them.

Pick specific boundaries for this game (your entire home, the main floor, your backyard, etc).

Game 1: Choose 1 person to be a Gadianton robber. Everyone else is a Nephite. The Nephites should count to 30 together while the robber hides. Then the Nephites can split up and find the robber. A Nephite who finds the robber becomes a robber and should quietly hide with the robber until everyone has found them. Play this once or twice.

Game 2: Choose 1 person to be a Lamanite. Everyone else is a Gadianton robber. The Lamanite should count to 50 while the robbers hide. Then the Lamanite can search for the robbers. When the Lamanite finds a robber, the robber becomes a Lamanite, and should search for the other robbers with the Lamanite(s) until everyone is found. Play this once or twice.

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