3 Nephi 3:12-22 Gidgiddoni was a Great Prophet

Before reading, ask everyone how they would respond to Giddianhi's letter. If you still have the replies that you wrote last time, take a minute to discuss them. Lachoneus' response to Giddianhi is fascinating.

First of all, he didn't write a letter in reply - at least it doesn't say he did. What did he do first? And then what did he do - or what did he cause the people to do?

After reading these verses, ask each person how Lachoneus's response (v12) was different/similar to his/her own. Explain that having a different response is not wrong. What did the people propose? What did Gidgiddoni propose? Why did they go with Gidgiddoni's proposal? What would have happened if they had went with the people's proposal?

How do you think they will fare against the fearsome Gadianton robbers?

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