3 Nephi 4:7-14 The Nephites did Beat Them

Re-enact the events in these verses. Choose family members to fill these roles:

  • Narrator(s) to read the verses
  • Gidgiddoni
  • Nephite(s) (if your family is small, Gidgiddoni can act as the only Nephite)
  • Giddianhi
  • Lamanite(s) (if your family is small, Giddanhi can act as the only Lamanite)
Allow family members 2 minutes to find some sort of costume - sword, shield, helmet, breastplate, red paint/makeup (for Lamanites). Re-enact the verses as the narrator reads them.

Why were the Lamanites happy when they saw the Nephites fall to the earth? Why did the Nephites fall to the earth? Were the Nephites able to defend themselves against the fearsome Lamanites? Why? What are some of the fearsome obstacles in your life? What can you learn from these Nephites?

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