3 Nephi 13:1-4 That Thine Alms May be in Secret

Your little ones probably don't know what the word "alms" means. Have those that are old enough look up the word (in the dictionary, Topical Guide, online, etc) and then try to explain it in their own words. Help your older kids teach the younger ones what it means.

Children rarely have the means to make donations themselves. But we can still liken the scriptures unto them with the following activity.

Have each child plan and do a "secret service". Have each of them think of something nice they can do in secret for someone else. Help them choose a time to do that service when they won't be discovered. Talk about each person's service next time you read scriptures and encourage them to continue to do "secret service". Explain that alms don't have to be money donations.

Why does Jesus want us to do our alms in secret? Some people do service or give money and let everyone know about it. Why? What is their reward? If you give in secret, what is your reward? Which would you rather have? Why?

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