Late Nights

Some nights we don't get home until 10pm or later - well past the kids' bedtime. We want to get the kids to bed as soon as possible - especially if they have school in the morning. We like to use our time in the car to read scriptures and pray. We could keep a set of scriptures in the car and have the kids read those aloud. But then we have to turn the light on in the car, and then it's hard for the driver to see out the back. Instead, we've found that this is a great time to review some of the verses - including the Articles of Faith - we have memorized. We can all recite the verse together, or one of us will lead and everyone else repeat if not everyone knows the verse. After, we may discuss the verse.

This turns out to be a great use of time. We have a captive audience. There are fewer distractions for the kids than at home where they have all of their toys, videos, food, the dog, etc. There is a catch - many times some of the kids will fall asleep before we get finished because driving tends to make us sleepy.

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