4 Nephi 1:23-46 They did not dwindle...but they did willfully rebel

This section is a little longer than most - you may want to take 2 days to read this section.

Which single chapter in the Book of Mormon covers the greatest span of time? How many years does it cover? What fraction of the time span of the Book of Mormon (600BC to ~421AD) does this chapter cover? Hint: use the year references at the bottom of the pages to help you. For how many years after the Savior's visit did the people of the Book of Mormon have peace in the land?

It seems like the wickedness and evil deeds and pride entered the land suddenly because it all happened in the second half of this one chapter. However, these things actually crept in gradually. These 21 verses actually span almost twice the number of years (120 years - 201AD to 321AD) as all 93 chapters in the books of Mosiah and Alma combined (77 years - 130BC to 53BC). There was simply no one keeping the record.

As you read these verses, together list the steps that led to pride and wickedness and evil deeds.

Why do you think this happened? What can you do so it doesn't happen to you and your children and your grandchildren and great grandchildren?

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