Testimony of the Three Witnesses

Discussion: Why do you think the Lord allowed 3 witnesses to the gold plates? What if Joseph Smith was the only person to have claimed to have seen the gold plates?

Give each person an opportunity to describe something they know about one of the 3 witnesses, David Whitmer, Oliver Cowdery, and Martin Harris. If you know very little about them, you could take a few days to learn more about them.

Before you learn about each of them, write down at least 3 questions and try to answer those questions as you read about him. Here are some ideas:

  • What was his profession?
  • What was his relationship to Joseph Smith?
  • Why do you think he was chosen as one of the 3 witnesses?
  • Did he stay with the church throughout his life? If not, why not?
Here are some online resources to find out more about these men:

  • http://www.lds.org/manual/doctrine-and-covenants-student-manual/sections-1-9/section-6-the-arrival-of-oliver-cowdery?lang=eng
  • http://history.lds.org/article/doctrine-and-covenants-oliver-cowdery?lang=eng
  • http://www.lds.org/ensign/2012/07/the-life-of-martin-harris-patterns-of-humility-and-repentance?lang=eng
  • https://www.lds.org/ensign/1979/08/the-whitmers-a-family-that-nourished-the-church?lang=eng
  • http://www.gapages.com/3wit.htm

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